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This painting is so beautiful in the flesh with all it’s beautiful iridescent colours. I’ve used 3 iridescent colours; orange/yellow, blue/green and metallic gold. The orange and the blue sing against each other as they are complimentary colours. The painting is made up of lovely swirls of colours that twist against each other creating a wonderful, intense pattern. This canvas can be hung in any orientation.


Media: Acrylic 
Canvas: 30cm square x 1.9cm (d)
NB The text “© C Schneider” does not appear on the canvas

Paradise Twining

  • All paintings come with free delivery in the UK.

    For international shipping, please contact me for the cost.

    Please note that due to method I use to create my paintings, there is texture on the canvas and it is not totally smooth. Each painting comes with picture hangers attached and a Certificate of Authenticity.