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I love the way you get fantastic shapes from rolling balloons in your paint and it’s a really fun way to create a painting. I’ve used lots of blues, iridescent colours and hints of greens to create a lovely strip of water coloured swirls sitting on a white background. The iridescent colours look truly beautiful especially the iridescent green/yellow and I love how it’s turned out.


Media: Acrylic
Canvas 36cm (w) x 58.3cm (h) x 1.5cm (d)
NB The text “© C Schneider” does not appear on the canvas

Sea Corolla

  • All paintings come with free delivery in the UK.

    For international shipping, please contact me for the cost.

    Please note that due to method I use to create my paintings, there is texture on the canvas and it is not totally smooth. Each painting comes with picture hangers attached and a Certificate of Authenticity.