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Abstracted Landscape Course

Sessions run on a request basis please email me to book a course

What is the course is about

I will show you how to create an abstracted landscape painting using flip cups. The course is aimed at people who have had experience in acrylic pouring and would like to be able to learn to create an abstracted landscape painting. The course is a full day course and you will create a small practice canvas and a larger 20cmx50cm canvas. 

What does the course cover

• The theory behind these paintings

• The consistency needed for your paints

• How to flip and drag your cups

• How to layer your cups

• Composition

• Colour theory

• Mixing custom colours 
• Deconstructing a photo to create a painting

• The drying process

What’s involved 

• In the morning, I will cover the above information whilst demonstrating an abstracted landscape painting

• You will create your small practice painting.

• We will then break for lunch which you will need to bring yourself. 

• In the afternoon session I will cover how to deconstruct a photograph.

• Based on a photo you have chosen, you will then create your large 20cmx50cm canvas. 

• I will provide all the canvases, paints and knowledge.

• Morning session from 10am – 12.30pm. Afternoon session from 1.30pm – 3.30pm. 

The cost 

• Cost is £100 per person with a maximum of two people per session. Price includes all materials. I will supply tea and coffee but please bring your own lunch. 

• To reserve a place on a session you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £10 pp.

• If using a voucher please register your voucher via email supplying details of the voucher number and issue date. 

• If the course is unable to run, I will return your deposit. 

• The balance of the session payment can be made on the day either by cash or bank transfer. ​


• You must have some experience in acrylic pouring. This course is not for people who have not tried acrylic pouring. If you have been already on a criSam course, you will be able to attend this one.

Sessions run on a request basis, please email me if you would like further information or to book a course.

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