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I always feel privileged when someone asks me to create a painting for them. There are usually two different ways that clients approach me for a commission. The first is they would like me to create a painting for them based on one of my previous paintings. They usually want their painting to be a different size to the original or alternatively they want different colours. The second way the commission can work is with a brand new concept.

How I approach commissions

I begin the process by supplying a client with a list of prices and options for sizes. If the prices work for the client I then arrange a meeting, either face to face or by phone, depending on how close the client lives. From the details supplied by the client in this initial conversation I create a design brief. If the commission is based on a previous painting but with changes or a new concept, I  produce a small painting based on the brief .This small painting forms the basis of the commission and can be adjusted depending on the client’s feedback. I will then create a final design brief based on the clients response to the small painting and this will start the commission process. If the commission is based on a previous painting but with no changes, I do not create a small painting. 


A non-refundable deposit is then paid and the commission begins. The non-refundable deposit covers the purchase of materials and time already spent on the commission. I will also draw up a schedule for the delivery of the final painting. Once the painting is complete and the client is happy with the final painting, the balance of the payment is paid. If the client is not happy with the finished painting, we both walk away but I keep the non-refundable deposit and the final painting.

The turnaround for a commission is usually 4 to six weeks from the payment of the non-refundable deposit.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss a possible commission.

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