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Chris Schneider Art YouTube Channel

I have an extensive library of Acrylic Pouring / Fluid Art videos on my YouTube channel. Every Sunday I post a video either showing the creation of a painting or a tutorial video. Almost every painting I have created has an YouTube video. There are over 130 videos to watch.

I started my Youtube channel in early 2020 under the name 'criSam Acrylic Pouring' but I changed this in September 2021 to 'ChrisSchneider.Art'.

If you enjoy my videos please subscribe to my channel.

YouTube channel playlists

My videos are arranged into different playlists.


Videos of paintings created using the flip cup technique. A combination of landscapes and abstracts paintings.


Videos of abstract paintings using the flip and drag technique.


Full tutorial videos covering the basics of Acrylic Pouring. From how I mix my paint to colour theory.


Videos of paintings using the ring and waterfall technique.


Videos of paintings created by using a combination of techniques.


Videos of paintings with balloon kisses and balloon rolls.

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