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I'm extremely pleased and excited to share this this painting. It is meant to be about breaks in the weather. The quality of light before a storm, sunset or sunrise, when there is a strip of golden light across the horizon line contrasting with the moody, dark skies and landscape. I've used a beautiful metallic gold for my strip of light and this contrasts with the strips of darker colours and the hints of metallic silver. I've called it 'Distant Horizons" and it is an absolute corker.
Media: Acrylic
Canvas: 64.7cm (h) x 40cm (w) x 1.9cm (d)
NB The text “© C Schneider” does not appear on the canvas

Distant Horizons

  • All paintings come with free delivery in the UK.

    For international shipping, please contact me for the cost.

    Please note that due to method I use to create my paintings, there is texture on the canvas and it is not totally smooth. Each painting comes with picture hangers attached and a Certificate of Authenticity.

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