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I aways find the time between Christmas and Easter very depressing. You usually have grey closed days where the light and skies are very dull. Even though the landscape at this time is quite bare with few leaves on the trees, you do get some days where the weather is brighter and you see flashes of golds and warm browns in the countryside. It’s this kind of atmosphere I’ve tried to capture in this painting. I love the calmness of the sky and and the colours in the scrubland including metallic gold. 


Media: Acrylic 
Canvas: 40cm square x 1.9cm (d)
NB The text “© C Schneider” does not appear on the canvas


  • All paintings come with free delivery in the UK.

    For international shipping, please contact me for the cost.

    Please note that due to method I use to create my paintings, there is texture on the canvas and it is not totally smooth. Each painting comes with picture hangers attached and a Certificate of Authenticity.

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